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How to Grow a Lively Church Family

Gardner pushing a wheel borrow
Gardner tending to Flowers

Imagine a vast, beautiful garden where every flower, big or small, contributes to the garden's beauty. In this garden, each flower represents a person in the church. Like a garden needs tender care, the church family needs nurturing and attention to blossom. The church is like this garden. Just like the garden needs different things to grow, the church needs various efforts to thrive and become lively.

Furthermore, just as gardeners care for the plants, churches need to care for the community around them. In Matthew 28:19, the Bible teaches us to spread the message of love and faith, connecting with our neighbors and understanding their needs; just like the gardener understands the plants, we can help growing the church family.

Flowers in Sunlight
Field of Flowers

Creating a warm and welcoming environment within the church is like sunlight and water for the plants. Romans 15:7 tells us to welcome others as Christ welcomed us. Imagine the church as a big, loving home where everyone is greeted with smiles and open arms. When people feel loved, they want to be a part of the church family, much like plants thrive in the sunlight.

In today's world, technology is our tool to reach even more people, just as the roots of plants spread underground. Mark 16:15 encourages us to share the good news with everyone. Livestreaming services and online discussions are like branches reaching out to people far and wide. With these tools, the church can connect with more hearts, just like plants connect with the soil for nutrients.

Vibrant Colors
Field of Yellow Flowers

Organizing fun and meaningful events, like the garden's vibrant flowers, can attract people, especially young minds. Hebrews 10:24 inspires us to encourage one another and do good works. By planning exciting events and study groups, the church becomes a place where learning about faith is as enjoyable as smelling the fragrance of a flower.

In the garden, there are strong plants that support the others, much like leaders in the church. In 2 Timothy 2:2, we are told to pass on our knowledge to others. These leaders are like the wise old trees that provide shade and shelter. The church can continue flourishing by nurturing new leaders, just like the garden grows each passing season.

The church's garden becomes lively and colorful when all these elements come together. People participate more, talk, and listen to each other, and everyone feels like they belong, just like every plant in the garden has its unique place. With love, faith, and these strategies, churches can bloom once more, much like a well-tended garden, and spread the beauty of faith far and wide.


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