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Dr. Vincent J. Charron is an organizational development coach who has provided leadership development to leaders worldwide, including in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and many organizations in the United States.

After serving in the Army for 14 years, Vince decided to focus his energy on helping organizations grow and reach their full potential. Having worked in both the profit and non-profit world, Vince found that there are valuable principles that grow organizations.

Along with his two master's degrees in leadership and a DMin in revitalization, Vince is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, a certified church revitalizer with the Tom Rainer Group, a professor at Manna University, and a certified small business consultant with the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC).


Vince is proud and honored to have been trained by well-known rock stars in the industry such as Dr. John Maxwell of the John Maxwell Team, Dr. Thom Rainer of Church Answers, Dr. Steven Crowther at Manna University (Formerly Grace College of Divinity), Pastor Michael Fletcher of Manna Church, and Christian Simpson ( a world-renown coach of coaches to name a few. 

Vince's philosophy is to believe more for people than they believe for themselves, which gave birth to TCM Leadership Group in 2019. Strengthening leaders and organizations to overcome barriers by Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring them is the heartbeat of what Vince does at TCM Leadership Group. 

TCM Leadership Group offers services that include life and leadership coaching, comprehensive organizational coaching and consulting, ensuring all leaders can accomplish the vision and mission seeded deep in them.

"How we do one thing is how we do all things." ~Christian Simpson

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