Church Consulting and Revitalization

TCM Leadership Group provides solutions to pastors and churches to strengthen them so they can reach the world. ~Acts 16:5


Utilizing a proven end-to-end method of Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring, TCM Leadership Group aims to build strong relationships and encourage discipleship.


We provide a comprehensive report of your church and the community it supports. A report that includes demographic and psychographic information, budget analysis, website rating, and much more.

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Believing More For You!

According to the PEW Report, more than 5000 churches will close their doors for good within the year, and this was stated before the COVID-19 pandemic took ahold of the world. Pastors are burning out left and right for a multitude of reasons, and the advancement of the kingdom of God is suffering. 

TCM Leadership Group is responding to the call to, "Strengthen pastors and churches so they can reach the world" ~Acts 16:5.

Whether your church is healthy or on the brink of closing the doors, TCM Leadership Group exists to serve you.

We offer comprehensive church consulting and revitalizing services to ensure you can accomplish the vision and mission God has placed upon your church.

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Why TCM Leadership Group?

TCM Leadership Group is a veteran-owned and operated consulting business that aims to provide solutions to pastors and churches to strengthen them to reach the world.


Through teaching, coaching, and mentoring, TCM Leadership Group can assist pastors and churches in leadership development, implementing change, and establishing a foundational system that prepares them for long term growth. 


Backed by an experienced professional, TCM Leadership Group's strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of churches and ministries from small startups to well-established. TCM leadership Group is committed to delivering lasting changes with measurable growth.

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Revitalization efforts will be accomplished by:

  •  Teaching - Strategic methods of accomplishing a set vision and mission

  • Coaching -  Designed to provide purpose, direction, and motivation through assessments and group activities.

  • Mentoring  - A lifetime of support that stems from a community of like-minded leaders who will speak into the life of a leader.

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