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 Assisting organizations is not a job or career but a passion that drives TCM Leadership Group. Nothing provides more pleasure than knowing that TCM Leadership Group has helped an organization surpass the growth barriers and overcome obstacles to achieve maximum success. TCM Leadership Group provides Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring to ensure personal and professional growth.

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A Growing Church

Crossroads Church of the Nazarene is an iconic local church committed to showing the love of Jesus in practical ways in their community, the surrounding area, and around the world. After a brief consideration to close the church for good, TCM Leadership Group was able to assist the incoming pastor in revitalizing the church and put it on a trajectory for healthy growth.

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"My experience with TCM has been great. From the first time we started communicating I sensed a genuine desire to offer ideas, assessment, and support in a way that will help grow the ministry. The "outsider" viewpoint was honest, their physical presence was encouraging and their report has helped in expanding my view. Thank you, TCM."

~Crossroads Church of the Nazarene

Who Am I...

Dr. Vincent J. Charron is an organizational development coach who has provided leadership development to leaders worldwide, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, and many organizations in the United States.

After serving in the Army for 14 years, Vince decided to focus his energy on helping organizations grow and reach their full potential. Having worked in both the profit and non-profit world, Vince found that the principles that help organizations grow are similar.

Along with his two master's degrees in leadership and a DMin in revitalization, Vince is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach, a certified church revitalizer with the Tom Rainer Group, a professor at Manna University, and a certified small business consultant with the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants (AASBC).


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